National Chocolate Day: A Cocktail Recipe for Boozehounds

Photo by Alex Rodriguez
Chocolate + booze = wowza.
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How could we ignore National Chocolate Day? You can eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but we've chosen to start with cocktail hour.

Surprisingly, finding a chocolate cocktail -- or rather, a bartender wiling to make one -- wasn't as easy as we thought it would be. Thank the chocolate gods for Jorie Hetland from Crescent Ballroom.

Photo by Alex Rodriguez
Here's Jorie and her creation.

A bubbly Hetland greeted us upon entering Crescent Ballroom -- and what a relief that was because this was the second place we visited that evening in search of a bartender willing to accept the our chocolate drop-in challenge.

Grabbing a wooden stool from the bar, we got straight to work. "It's a bit of an odd request, but we need a chocolate cocktail... it has to be your own creation, your baby, you can do anything you want with it," we said. Hetland smiled, and quickly got to thinking, noting that we weren't in any rush (it was Wednesday night happy hour, after all).

The Minnesota native, who's lived in Phoenix for almost 10 years, consulted with her fellow bartenders who were also working that evening, and after a little while she came up with The Bar Fly.

Photo by Alex Rodriguez
The Bar Fly

It's something of a chocolate martini, with a cinnamon spin. It was sweet (though not overpowering), and since it was chilled and creamy, it was greatly refreshing. But best of all, it tasted like spiked chocolate milk. Yahtzee!

Hetland has been at the Crescent Ballroom since it opened last October, and she'll be happy to make you your own Bar Fly. Just stop by.

And if you'd like to give it a whirl on your own, here's the recipe.

The Bar Fly
1.5 oz. Vanilla vodka
.5 oz. Bailey's Irish Cream
.5 oz. Kaluha
.5 oz. Dark Creme de Cocoa
Splash of cream
Dash of cinnamon for garnish
Shake with ice.

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