The Jim Henson Company Breaks Its Rainbow Connection With Chick-fil-A

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Via: Fernando de Sousa/Flickr
Above: Kermit the Frog expressing disbelief at Chick-fil-A's political beliefs.

After a week of high-profile condemnation for Chick-fil-A's CEO's public stance on gay marriage, the hits just keep on coming. The most recent defection is the Muppet's own Jim Henson Company, which announced via Facebook that it would be forming no new partnerships with Chick-fil-A because of the company's stance on gay marriage. As an added twist of the knife, the message said that Jim Henson Company CEO Lisa Henson, Jim Henson's own daughter, was a strong supporter of gay rights. She has directed her company to send any future payments received from Chick-fil-A directly to GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) as a donation.

A Muppet fan website indicated that the Jim Henson Company had previously partnered with Chick-fil-A to run a promotion called "Jim Henson's Creature Shop Toys." All mention of this promotion has since vanished from the Chick-fil-A webpage.

The Jim Henson Company's defection comes after The Office star Ed Helms tweeted his own disapproval: "Chick-fil-A doesn't like gay people? So lame. Hate to think what they do to the gay chickens! Lost a loyal fan." Shortly after that, Boston mayor Thomas Menino also came out against Chick-Fil-A, saying that he would refuse to grant business permits to the company until the company changed its public stance on the matter. Menino previously has used a similar tactic to block a Walmart expansion into the city.

At the same time, several groups are joining ranks behind Chick-fil-A and its public anti-gay stance. Radio personality and former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has used his radio show to rally people to eat at Chick-fil-A on Wednesdays in response to the boycotts. National Eat at Chick-fil-A Day is set to kick off on July 25.

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Okay people, truth is the Muppets had every right to drop Chic-fil-a didn't they?


Wonderful and I know that every one of you feel the same way, right?  You don't, why?  Oh because you feel that Chic-fil-a should not be criticized for opposing gay marriage?  Well, isn't that a bunch of bull.  You want rights for illegals but not for gay marriage? Talk about being bigoted.  I hope that the anti-Chic-fil-a movement grows and each and every city kicks them out.  In Arizona they have 23 stores and each and every one of them should be boycotted and forced to close.

bearsfan0259 1 Like

Chick-fil-A all the way!  Who need a bunch of stuffed, godless puppets anyway?

guest 1 Like

I went to chick-fil-a last night for the first time in my life. it was okay, as far as fast food goes. I went there mostly to support their right to speak and donate as they desire.


 @guest If you feel that Chic-fil-a should have the right to speak and donate as they desire, I'm sure you feel that SB 1070 is fine too.

stillhaveabrain 2 Like

Very soon the only acceptable thing left to speak negativly about will be white people. 


 @stillhaveabrain No, come November it will be acceptable to speak and treat Hispanics negatively because things will change to Republican.

BeBe 2 Like

Hooray for Chik- fil- A!!!!!

My grandchildren will Have NOTHING to do with the Muppets!!


 @BeBe Now why would you support Chic-fil-a but not SB 1070?



 As a Grandparent its your job to teach them to love, and not to hate anyone.  This world is full of hate , and angry people.  Nothing says you have to agree with anybody, but to just bann muppets bc of Mr Hanson and family is really a sad loss for grandbabies.

-I mean how can you not like Kermit, and Fozzy the Bear?   They are silly, and fun to watch, and I loved the Muppet Show when I was growing up.  There are a lot of crass "childrens shows" out there, but a least the Muppets are kid friendly.

bb_yellowjacket 1 Like

Who is acting upon hate here?  The Jim Henson Company is terminating a relationship with one of its customers (Chick-Fil-A was paying the Jim Henson Company) due to its customer's mainstream view on traditional marriage.  Doesn't that mean they don't want to do business with people that hold to that view?  In the public termination notice, the Jim Henson Company boasts about being inclusive and celebrating diversity.  If Chick-Fil-A didn't want to sell to customers who disagreed with them on the definition of marriage would they be acting "inclusive" or "exclusive"?  That was one of the most intolerant, hypocritical notes from a company I've ever seen.

jms5g 4 Like

 @BeBe And mine will have nothing to do with Chik-fil-a. You should probably also boycott Pepsi, Coke, Phizer, Best Buy, Apple, Amazon, Clorox, Ford, Gap, General Mills, Google, Youtube, McDonalds, Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble, Disney, Home Depot, Kraft foods, and many more things. 

maggiedrama 1 Like

I am in awe of the owners of Chic fil A - that they would be willing to be public about their Biblical beliefs to a culture that defines morality by whatever is popular-

Reminds me of Timothy 4:3- For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions,


 @maggiedrama See it's actually void to try to hide behind the 'just because my views are different.' stance when it comes to these things. You're entitled to have an opinion and if you don't support marriage then by all means you may voice your views. However the way Chik-fil-A voiced it's opinion was not only offensive to the people it was directed at but hateful as well. If someone said I don't support gay marriage, then produced a legitimate reason for their opinion with eloquence instead of offensive, derogitory terms then I'd respect that. However seeing as I have many gay friends if you start spewing hatred then I'm going to go to town on you. I also find your 'defines morality by whatever is popular' comment to be ridiculous. I bet you're the sort of person who thinks if someone doesn't have the Christian sense of morality then they must be brainwashed zombies. Let me offer you some words of wisdom 'Morality is doing what's right, regardless of what you're told. Religion is doing what you're told, regardless of what is right.'


I ned to address the issue of morality-- doing what is right-- but where do you get the definitions of "right" and "wrong?"   If you say you get it from what you know to be right- then that can shift with the cultural trends of the time- or if you say you get it from within- or a sort of inate knowledge- then I'd have to ask where does this come from and can you fully trust it?

 ----could you luenced by the current views around you?  This is called "cultural relativism" - which means  our ideas of "right and wrong"  are relative to the culural trends.

 This leaves us in a dangerous position   because culture can be "off." For example Hilter convinced many that the Jews were the source of all problems. 

However, if we have a standard outside of ourselves that informs us of right or wrong we can be more objective and less likely to be pulled into the current fad.



 You are quite a dumba$$ and the sad thing is you are blind to your own contradictions...."morality is doing what is right?"  and to whose version of "right and wrong" are you referring?  society's? yours?? who in the hell do you think YOU are?  ever hear of the term "moral relativism?"  what the op said is correct...morality to people like you is whatever is decided ad populum.  The only true morality is one decided by an absolute authority (an infinite intelligence), not a group of individuals with finite IQ (you, me, etc.) unless that individual with finite IQ has been granted authority by the infinite one.

QstionEvythng 2 Like


 Right....wasn't Timothy 4:3 quoted quite a bit to defend those that opposed interracial relationships.  Interracial relationships violated sound teachings and satisfied momentary passions (lust), so the preaching went.  The New Testament has been used to justify prejudice and bigotry in our country since its founding:


Colossians 4:1. “Masters, give unto your servants that which is just and equal…” was used to justify slavery.


Acts 17:26. “And (God) hath made of one blood (common heritage, Adam) all nations of men…and hath determined…the bounds of their habaitations.” was used extensively to justify segregation in the south and requiring people of color to "habitate" separately from whites.


I could go on, Maggie, but I think you get the point.  You can use your bible to justify prejudice and bigotry or you can learn from your bible the beauty and dignity of love and grace. You can use your bible to continue to justify your prejudice against gay people in the same way that generations before you used it to justify their bigotry against people of color, or you can find in your bible the passages that justify your love and acceptance of them as if they were you and you them


 @LegitQuestions Exactly.  If gay marriage is wrong because it is not "traditional" marriage, disallow interracial marriage because it wasn't allowed until the 60's or 70's, right?


To Legit questions- I appreciate you attitude  of kindness.

I agree with you-  that the words of the Bible have been used wrongly and to justify hatred. Many  horrible acts have been done in the name of God.

The Bible instructs us to love- not hate- even with those you disagree with.

The Bible also teaches us about God's standard of morality for us-  non of us keep His standard perfectly- no one is withiout sin. But that fact doesn't negate or ignore His standard.  Even gay scholars agree that the Bible (old and new testament) speaks out against homosexual behavior.

There are a host of sins mentioned - adultry, slander, greed etc... and even if  my culture want me to redefine my views on these behaviors- I'll believe  God's standard over my current culture.

I would like to address the points you made about Timothy- first these verses are about those who added to the gospel- ( we are saved by faith- not works - like eating certain foods etc). People were and are - always trying to prevert the gospel message of salvation by faith by saying that in order to be saved you must have faith plus something.

Second - the slavery mentioned here is not at all like the slavery as we know it in America. Many people would sell themselves into slavery- like an indentured serv.ant in order to get out of proverty. And during the year of Jubilee - would have to let slaves go free or forgive debts.

Acts 17:26 - this verse in no way speaks to segregating any race.

I have to mention that you seemed to have picked up your arguments without really knowing what the Bible says. Read it for yourself and ask God to reveal anything that is truth. A good place to begin is Matthew.




 @maggiedrama Actually, the bible speaks well of homosexuals.  However sodomy (which includes anything beyond coitus (e.g., anal sex with women, BJs and Eating out of Women) is declared a sin.  98% of women in this country give BJs to their men.  Your religion sucks.



I find that verse deeply ironic. I really don't think the authors who fabricated the book of Timothy intended to predict the behavior of fundamentalist bigots in that particular way. And now we have "Creation 'Science'", one of the heaviest oxymorons to ever stick.


 @Anonymous So just to make sure I am understanding you -- people who have views different than you are  "fundamantalist Bigots?"



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