Healthy World Cuisine Breakfast and Lunch Spot Now Open in Tempe

The list of food styles for Tempe's new Desert Roots Kitchen reads like a global grocery list: American, Asian Fusion, Brazilian, Caribbean, Ethiopian, Moroccan, Thai, etc.

But the new breakfast and lunch spot, which opened Monday at 414 South Mill Avenue (Mill and Fifth Street, in the former home of In Season Deli), mostly prides itself on healthy, fresh fare with an emphasis on local ingredients.

With an affordable menu that changes daily, diners can expect dishes such as mixed bean wraps, tropical couscous, watermelon kiwi gazpacho, whole wheat dill pasta, and minted pea crostinis as well as smoothies, mocha almond bars, and coffee.

The hours for Desert Roots Kitchen are 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. during the summer. Lunch starts at 10:30 a.m.

Desert Roots Kitchen
414 South Mill Avenue, Tempe

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@Everything was so fresh and flavorful! The wraps, salads and quinoa were delicious!  Will be returning again and again!  :)  Love the artwork too!  :) 


@ Great food!!!  The salads are fresh and yummy and the wraps are perfect, loved the lentil wrap!


Looks like a nice, healthy spot! I'm hoping they'll be open for dinner in the fall.

Kathy Monkman
Kathy Monkman

Wow! Aww that makes me miss In Season Deli though. Great memories. :)

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