Beckett's Table Resurrects the Grownups Table for Summer: Three Courses + Wine for $39

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Beckett's Table
Remember the big deal of graduating from the Kids Table to the Grown Ups Table at family gatherings? Chef Justin Beckett has resurrected the notion that with age come privileges -- in this instance, a three-course, family-style dinner with wine (that's the grown up part) at Beckett's Table every Wednesday from now until August 29th.

Priced at $39 per person and held at the community table, which seats 16 people, the Wednesday night shindig changes themes each week. Possibilities include Backyard Barbecue, Summer Picnic, Spanish Tapas, the Greek Isles, Baja Peninsula, Italian Feast, the South/Cajun, Asian Wok and German classics.

Beckett posts the actual menu on Facebook right before the event, so there's always an element of surprise.

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Courtesy of Beckett's Table
Passing the platter at Beckett's Table
I've attended two Grown Ups Table dinners so far (one last year, one this year) and the fun of them is sharing platters of food (there's ALWAYS enough), drinking a little wine, chatting with old friends and making new ones. It really does happen, given the intimacy of the seating. Beckett usually stops by the table to chat with guests, telling them a bit about his menu choices, the history behind a dish or simply catching up with them about their own lives. It's as relaxed as a gathering at home -- without the cleanup.

And there's an extra bonus: when you leave, you'll be handed a take-home box of leftovers, neatly enclosed in a brown paper bag.

The dinner begins at 5:30 pm and the 16-seat table fills up quickly. So make reservations early by calling 602-954-1700.

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Beckett's Table

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Sounds like a great idea, and I'll bet everything is delicious. I'd try it, but I can't drink wine.  I've only dined at Beckett's Table once and I loved it!  The food was wonderful, and they had a great beer selection.  Only reason I haven't returned yet is the distance I have to drive to get there. 

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

No kids allowed? Sounds GREAT. I can live without the obligatory snot-nosed two year old darling (aka BRAT) running around while being completely ignored by the parents who should be interacting with her/him. Imagine having a complete dinner without cell phones or children.... (Yes, I have both).

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