Gourmet Ice, Ice (Baby): Vanilla Ice on Pinterest

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Vanilla Ice.jpg
Laura Gill

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All right stop. Collaborate and listen...

Pinterest is back with a brand new invention -- in the form of gourmet ice cubes, which have been making quite the rounds lately.

Most of the ideas are fairly simple -- like freezing fruits and herbs in with the water -- but when I saw the itty bitty vanilla specks in this pin I knew this was the mother of all fancy ice.

The thought of using these ice cubes for iced coffee is what sealed the deal. I was smitten with the notion that I might have something lovely to drink at the end of my iced beverage rather than the usual watery mess.

Well, that and the fact that it's called vanilla ice.

vanilla ice2.jpg
Laura Gill
Will the real Vanilla Ice please stand up?

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