Five (Surprising) Ways to Eat Like an Olympian

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See what you should eat to be a champion. Wait, what?!

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With the 2012 London games fast approaching, we here at Chow Bella are tirelessly trying to find ways to make gluttony an Olympic sport. And while we know that may take some time to pass over the Olympic committee, we figured the next logical step would be to highlight the 5 ways to eat like an Olympian.

You're probably guessing that after the jump you'll find 5 different types of fruits, vegetables, grains, and other assorted healthy options. Maybe a protein bar or two.

But think again, fellow gluttons.

Naturally, McDonald's is the first threshold you should cross on the path to Olympian-ness.

This is no joke, friends. The first thing you have to do to eat like an Olympian is to pack the kids up and hop in your Honda CRV minivan, head to your nearest McD's drive-thru, and order a Number 1 with cheese, a large drink and fries. That makes all the sense in the world, right? Because that's essentially what broadcast media is telling us we should do to support this year's Olympics. Earlier this week, we saw someone posted on Facebook that when they were little, they wanted to get McDonald's because they wanted to be like their favorite athlete. Not only is that a horrible message to send to young people, but it also makes the athletes look like they're chowing down on Quarter Pounders to get ready for the big games.

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