Next Week: Chompie's Ultimate Slider Celebration

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Evie Carpenter
Zach Fowle before his ill-fated quest for gut-busting glory.
If you're a fan of gluttony and Chompie's Jewish Sliders, you'll definitely want to mark your calender for next Wednesday, July 18. Chompies locations around the Valley will be celebrating the 3rd Annual Ultimate Slider Celebration by selling the (in)famous Chompies Jewish sliders for 99 cents apiece rather than the usual $3.99.

Adam Richman
of Man V. Food fame took a swing at a five-pound platter of these sliders during the first celebration in 2010. He was defeated, but since then only nine brave souls have risen to the challenge.

Our own Zach Fowle tried to take it down but left defeated, the only record of his valiant effort is a video posted to a Turkish video-sharing site.

But before you zip on over there to try your hand at the challenge, be sure to read the fine print. The 99-cent deal applies only if you buy between two and four sliders and only if you buy them two at a time. If you want to take a crack at the whole platter, you'd better be ready to pony up $40 if you can't finish the platter in the required 30 minutes.

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JK Grence
JK Grence

Why do they have so much fine print for "Dine in and have two or four Jewish Sliders for 99¢ each"?

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