"Dead Sushi" -- A Gore-Packed Foray Into the Dark Side of Sushi (NSFW)

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Screen Cap: Dead Sushi
Nope, the text in this screen cap more or less says it all.

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Oh wow, where to begin?

"Dead Sushi" is the work of Noboru Iguchi a rather prolific Japanese director whose filmography includes... a lot of porno and some strange, strange gory cult films like "The Machine Gun Girl" and "RoboGeisha." Movies with titles that fail to convey the full measure of over-the-top surreal violence. Plot details are scarce but it seems fairly certain that it revolves around malevolent pieces of sushi obtaining sentience and coming for humanity. Undoubtedly humanities last hope we rest upon the shoulders of a single person who can kick the evil sushi into orbit.

If you'd like to hang on to whatever shred of sanity you might still possess, we've provided a guide to what this trailer contains:

  • A piece of sushi extrudes a series of razor blades just prior to a man eating it. It does not end well.

  • The remaining sushi cackle maniacally. '

  • Sushi Erotica!

  • Sushi Erotica! + killer sushi does not end well.

  • A piece of tamago sushi spits acid from a poorly concealed tube.

  • "High Kick Girl" Star Rina Takeda demonstrates her prowess with a fish-themed nunchaku.

  • 1:19It's a TRAP!

  • Rice spewing, sushi induced zombies.

The movie made its North American debut at the Fantasia 2012 International Film Festival earlier this month.

If you need some mind bleach, perhaps you should consider watching the phenomenal documentary about non-homicidal sushi, "Jiro Dreams of Sushi."

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