What's Your Kitchen Entrance Jam?

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It's no secret there's a connection between food and music. From what we hear at our favorite restaurant to what we load up on our dinner party playlist, pairing the two is important. But what do Valley chefs think should be playing when they enter the kitchen? When it comes to their personal jams, here's what tunes they think best represent what they're all about.

Chef Taylor Domet
NoRTH, Kierland

Well, I'm pretty big into EDM (that's Electronic Dance Music for those who don't know), so I'd have to say my kitchen jam would be "One Click Head Shot" by Feed Me. Each day in a kitchen can be as unpredictable as the next, and a nice busy service of lunch or dinner serves up many "head shots" to the entire kitchen team daily. "BOOM," head shot....but we're still standing!

Chef Peter DeRuvo
Davanti Enoteca (opening in August)

"The Imperial March" by John Williams. Even Darth Vader has a posse.

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Aaron May
Chef and Restaurateur

"The Underdog" by Spoon always puts me in a kitchen kind of mood and gets me ready to cook.

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Bernie Kantak
Chef and Partner, Citizen Public House

"Golden Brown" by The Stranglers.

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Justin Beckett
Chef and Owner, Beckett's Table

There are not many other songs/videos that get me more pumped up than Madeon's "Pop Culture" (Dance Video) with Nathan Barnatt.

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Chef Christopher Nicosia

"Soul Shakedown Party" by Bob Marley. I'd like to think that every day at Sassi is a soul shakedown party for the kitchen crew. "This is my invitation... I've got a special vacation... I need your concentration...Just to feel your vibration." When the cooks come in for their shift, I want them to escape into their "zone," concentrate, and send out good vibes.

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