New "Bikini" Coffee Shop Takes Cue From "Breastaurants," to Open in Scottsdale, Natch

Barista Cafe
Barista Cafe owner Nicci Graziano.
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Just when you thought the Valley was done with "breastaurants," (an actual term used to describe restaurants that employ scantily clad women as waitresses), another one pops out to say hello -- and this time, the cups come with coffee.

Following in the ta-ta tradition of Twin Peaks, Tempe-based Tilted Kilt, and Hooters, Barista Cafe, a "bikini" coffee shop and restaurant coming to Scottsdale in August, will feature an all-female staff clad in short shorts and sports-bra-type tops.

So what separates Barista Cafe from the other breastaurants in town?

Two things:

Unlike other breastaurants who feature scantily clad waitresses serving up fried food and beer to ogling patrons, Barista Cafe will feature scantily clad waitresses serving up healthy breakfast and lunch eats (think salads, wraps, and smoothies) and coffee to ogling patrons.

And they'll do it quickly -- with a 30-minute lunch guarantee.

Barista Cafe
"Our goal is to differentiate ourselves from other breastaurant-style restaurants in that the entire dining experience -- including travel time -- is guaranteed to take 30 minutes or less," says owner Nicci Graziano. "That way, people who work during the day will be able to enjoy a meal, coffee, or snack at Barista Cafe in the limited time that they have available for lunch."

There's also grab-and-go options as well (insert hilarious joke here).

Barista Cafe is scheduled to open Sunday, August 12, at 17025 North Scottsdale Road (near the Scottsdale Airpark). It will be open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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Alicia Geier
Alicia Geier

I can't decide whether to roll my eyes or gag. I live in Scottsdale but damn, why must all things douchy come here?? :(

Tony Morales
Tony Morales

I've rarely met a breast I didn't like...

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