Anatomy of a Polvorón with Minerva Orduño Rincón of Muñeca Mexicana Handcrafted Food

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The Tools: A food processor, a rolling pin (she uses one she got for $4 from an Asian grocery store), a cookie cutter - circle or square works best.

Terminology: In a lot of traditional cooking, baked goods are made with lard, or animal fat, instead of synthetic or vegetable fat. Get some at Food City, or try The Meat Shop.

Technique/s: Orduño demonstrates how to grind whole toasted almonds and sugar together in a food processor to create the base for the cookie before adding other ingredients like lard, all purpose flour, baking powder, salt and orange zest:

Tips & Tricks: The dough gets chilled for at least an hour to help the flavors meld together. After that, it will still be very crumbly. Simply press the pieces together, roll it out to the desired thickness, and cut into uniform shapes for baking.

Troubleshooting: Be careful to not overbake. Generally, if you touch it and it sinks, it still needs more time. Look for a golden color.

Recommended reads: Anything by Diana Kennedy.

Try this at home: Polvorones from The Pioneer Women, Crispy Polvorones from, Shortbread Cookies from Martha Stewart. Also, try searching through, using its translator to navigate.

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