The Sandwich Nazi (NSFW, Not Even a Little)

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Please do not disregard the NSFW tag. Beyond the initial candle-in-rectum story there's a good bit of male frontal nudity and some of the foulest language imaginable. The handwritten warning outside of this man's shop explains it best:

Sandwich Nazi.jpg

This is the story of the world's most profane sandwich maker, Salam Kahil, owner of La Charcuterie, a Scandinavian deli in British Columbia. Salam is a Lebanese immigrant, former mechanical engineer, former male escort, lover of blow jobs, and a stand-up citizen who regularly donates hundreds of his sandwiches to the homeless. Really, really delicious-looking sandwiches.

Salam has two immutable rules:
1. Customers must say please with every order, or no sandwich for you.
2. No cellphone calls in his shop, or no sandwich for you.

The Sandwich Nazi from Lewis Bennett on Vimeo.

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