Ten Favorite Cold (and Frozen!) Phoenix Foods

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Katie Johnson
Agua Fresca
6. Agua Fresca from Pro's Ranch Market -- Once you make it past the mariachis and the bakery at this giant grocery store, you'll spot a rainbow of agua fresca buckets filled with flavors that might sound a little strange. Go to them. You want what's inside. Quite possibly the most refreshing beverage on a scorching hot summer Phoenix day, Ranch Market's fresh fruit waters come in flavors ranging from sweet watermelon to tangy cantaloupe and sour lime. Pick one up next time you're trolling the aisles for handmade tortillas and plaster donkey lawn ornaments.

Gabriella Jaffee
Four Peaks Peach Ale
5. Arizona Peach Ale from Four Peaks Brewing Company -- Sure, we love our hoppy IPAs and smoky porters, but during the summer months, we'll risk our craft beer street cred for a pint of Four Peaks' summery peach ale. Light and refreshing with just a hint of peach, we crave this beer come summer. Part of the Tempe brewery's original lineup, the fruit beer is far from being their bestseller, but if they ever took the fragrant ale off their list, we would throw a huge fit. (So don't even think about it, guys, or we'll hunt you down and force you to brew us a batch against your will!)

Katie Johnson
4. Handmade Ice Pops from Frufrupops -- If you can hunt down this traveling popsicle stand, you're in for a treat. The all-natural handmade ice pops, made with fresh, seasonal ingredients, organic and/or local honey, and fresh cream from local dairies are available in a variety of ever changing flavors. Thai Iced tea, margarita, and even date shake -- you never know what you're going to find. The newest summer flavors are Summer Berry Mint and Just Peachy. Yum!

Gabriella Jaffee
The Portlander
3. The Portlander from Next Coffee Co. -- Driving to the West Valley doesn't seem that bad when you know that there is a frosty coffee beverage filled with magic waiting for when you get there. Next Coffee Co.'s specialty coffee drink The Portlander is filled with rich espresso, chestnut praline syrup, chocolate and caramel sauces, and ice cold milk, then topped off with a dusting of spicy cinnamon and nutmeg. If you're into sweet-as-can-be coffee drinks that'll immediately cool you off, then you should take a tiny road trip to 59th Avenue and Union Hills, stat.

Photo by Gabriella Jaffee
Chocolate Jack Ice Cream
2. Boozy Ice Cream from Lee's Cream Liqueur -- Think ice cream is just for kids? You may want to reconsider that thought after you try Lee's booze filled ice cream. Rich, creamy, and blended with real whiskey, vodka, rum, and tequila, this stuff is what adult dreams are made of. Don't worry, Lee's offers non-booze filled ice cream if you don't feel like catching a dessert buzz.

Gabriella Jaffee
Ceviche from Gallo Blanco
1. Ceviche from Gallo Blanco -- Is there a more refreshing summertime meal then a big plate of citrus-marinated shrimp? No -- although, a traditional Mexican shrimp cocktail comes in as a close second. Gallo Blanco makes an excellent rendition of the Mexican dish that is filled with wild Mexican shrimp, fresh pico de gallo, and hearty chunks of bright green avocado. Scoop up this vivid dish with their house made tortilla chips and wash it down with a watermelon agua fresca.

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