Starbucks' Double-Dirty Grande Soy Chai Frappuccino

Double Dirty Frappuccino.JPG
JK Grence
Whoever said money can't buy happiness hasn't had one yet.

The Guilty Pleasure: (Double-) Dirty Grande Soy Chai Frappuccino
The Place to Get It: Starbucks Coffee; countless locations Valleywide
The Cost: $5 to $7, depending on how dirty you like it and how you pay
What You'll Really Pay: 350 calories with whipped cream, 240 without. Counts more as dessert or siesta-time snack than beverage.

I need to start this Guilty Pleasure by saying I love the coffee culture that's developed in the Phoenix area. There are passionate artisans all over who roast beans and hone blends to create incredible coffee. But, as with bartenders who are equally proud of their craft (yours truly pleads the fifth), ordering a frozen drink is risky. If you're lucky, you'll just get a disdainful sneer as they fire up the blender. At many places, you'll get a pompous "We . . . don't do frozen drinks here," the subtext being "How dare you wish to sully my liquid gold!"

This, my friends, is where Starbucks comes to the rescue.

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