Naked Shoppers Rush Supermarket, Stick Mostly to Booze Aisle (NSFW)

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Around 250 shoppers descended on a recently opened supermarket called Priss in Süderlügum, Germany. The owner of the market had announced that the first 100 shoppers who arrived naked at the store's grand opening could take home about $300 worth of groceries for free.

The owner, Nils Sterndorff, was shocked at the turnout for the event. He told that he only expected around 10 people. also reports that some of the naked shoppers actually camped out the night before in tents in front of the store.

The city of Süderlügum sits on the border of Denmark and Germany. Alcohol and junk food are more expensive in Denmark, so it's not unusual for Danes to cross the border in search of a sugar or booze fix. Danes also are almost completely nonplussed by nudity. As a result, it's not surprising that most of the naked shoppers were Danes hoping to capitalize on free stuff in exchange for non-exceptional nudity.

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Please be aware that "nonplussed" means "perturbed" in standard English, the exact opposite of its usage in North America.


 @ed209 a "distinction" without a "difference" in this case?

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