Here Are the First Drafts of the Menus for Vovomeena, the New Breakfast and Brunch Spot From the Owner of Tuck Shop and Astor House

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If there has been a shining light regarding the fast food fiasco (dump) going on at the corner of McDowell Road and Seventhth Avenue, it's been Vovomeena.

From DJ Fernandes, owner of the Tuck Shop and its next-door little sister Astor House, Vovomeena (named after his grandmother), will be a breakfast and brunch spot located at 1515 North Seventh Avenue (southeast corner of McDowell Road and Seventh Avenue).

And although there's plenty of work to be done before its September opening, rough drafts of Vovomeena's food and coffee menus are in progress. The good news: There are a couple of familiar dishes from Astor House. The better news: banana bread pudding French toast.



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