What's Your Hangover Cure?

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Romeo Taus
Chef and owner, Romeo's Cafe

Fried eggs and peppered bacon on a toasted "everything" bagel with homemade chunky, spicy gazpacho.

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Mark Hittle
Chef, Bobby Q

Cheeseburger with everything and a Gatorade.

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Azucena Tovar
Chef and owner, Los Sombreros

Birria tacos, pozole, or snapper ceviche.

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Chef Kurt Jacobsen
Hidden Meadow Ranch, Greer

Spicy fish soup and a nap.

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Aaron May
Chef and restaurateur

A lot of coffee and a Wolf Pack from Over Easy seems to be the proper ballast for a long night of drinking. Something about all those hash browns with eggs, cheese, and bacon makes the day more bearable. I'm not afraid to admit that my preferred cheese on a rough morning is American -- something about the extra-processed foods make
everything softer and rounds the edges a bit.

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