How Pizza Flows Like Blood Through the Veins of America

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It's easy to forget just how complicated the modern world is -- how the conveniences we enjoy are the result of a vast interlocking network of systems that create ease, comfort, and survival for us everyday. So it's nice that PBS put out an entire series devoted to showing us how something as simple as getting a pizza to your door fits into the larger picture. Apparently, they strapped a GPS unit to a couple of Dominos pizza delivery bikes, the trucks that supply those pizza places, the trucks that supply the regional hub that provides supplies for those pizza places and so on.

The result of all that mapping is a pulsating topography of the United States, centered on downtown Manhattan, that looks nothing if not like the pulse of blood through a body. The freakishly organic nature of the pizza delivery supply chain is as pretty as it is unnerving.

And here's the full episode from PBS.

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