Chompie's Serving 99-Cent Sliders for the Third Annual Ultimate Slider Celebration

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If you like sliders, and who doesn't, you better start your competition cabbage diet now. On Wednesday, July 18, Chompie's is selling its Jewish Sliders for 99 cents apiece rather than the customary $3.99. This deal is in celebration of its Third annual Ultimate Slider Celebration and will be available at all its locations. It'll start at 11 a.m. and go until they run out of slider ingredients.

There are a few restrictions of course. Your initial order must be between two to four sliders and subsequent orders will only be provided in increments of two. The deal is only available for dining in, presumably to head off a mob of people stocking their freezers with tiny delicious sandwiches.

Their sliders consist of a mini challah roll stuffed with their barbecue brisket, a mini latke, jack cheese and gravy for dipping.

No word yet whether our own Zach Fowle will be returning for a rematch versus the Ultimate Slider Challenge. We can only hope that Chompie's delightfully unique owners will be in attendance. That's provided they can be bothered to leave their awesome wolf room.

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