The Only Glasses You Need for Your Bar

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What better glass for a Martini than a Martini glass?
A lot gets said about what liquors you need to start a good home bar. Our own Zachary Fowle got a good answer from an excellent local bartender. But there's something else that's often neglected: You need to have something to hold your drinks. Sure, you can use that motley selection of coffee mugs and souvenir Hurricane glasses in your cabinet, but the right glass makes your drink more enjoyable. You need only five kinds of glasses to have something for every occasion.

5: Rocks glass, a.k.a. Old-Fashioned glass. Perfect for enjoying spirits neat or (of course) on the rocks. Look for ones that are about seven ounces. I get mine from IKEA, where they have fun mod designs for almost the same price as a thrift store.

4: Collins Glass, a.k.a. tall glass. The Collins glass comes into play for most simple mixed drinks, like Cuba libres, Cape Codders, and screwdrivers. The ideal size is 10 to 12 ounces.

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I want a beer. What are you going to serve me in?


I guess I should read the whole article before commenting..  :)


Contrary to popular belief, a martini glass is called a cocktail glass.  A martini is what you put in it, not what it is served in.


A shot glass is also a must have in most bars!  Not only can be used for mixology of other drinks but also for that "shot"!

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