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If you've visited Stanley's Homemade Polish Sausage Company on McDowell Road lately in search of a damn good smoked sausage sandwich (or other meaty delights) only to find it shuttered with a sign on the window noting the address and hours of its retail-only location on Bell Road, fear not. The nearly 50-year-old sausage shop isn't closing; it's just on the move.

And its new location should be easy to find.

Stanley's original building.
Stanley's plans to make its new home right across the street, in the former location of the recently shuttered Photomark camera store, and already has a small exterior sign up (although not nearly as vintage-cool as the original one.)

Lilly Lukenda, an employee of Stanley's, tells me the move will be completed at the end of May or beginning of June and that the new space will feature more dine-in seating (about 20 tables), a larger kitchen, and additional room for selling its imported goods from places such as Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Bulgaria. Lukenda goes on to say that a fire in the original building's smokehouse, which happened a few months ago, necessitated the move, with the cost of repairs in the old building not worth the expense.

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Stanley's Home Made Sausage Co.

1712 W. Bell Road, Phoenix, AZ

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I am so happy to hear that Stanley's is going to re-open. The best food ever. Please hurry and open those doors.


Laura... Have you heard any more on this? They had a temporary sign that has now been removed and it looks like Photomark is moving back in? any idiea where Stanley's is going to go"?


Does anyone know if there is anywhere to get Czech sausages and meets in the area?

Unkle DL
Unkle DL

OMG, this is the best news ever. I was under the impression that they were now closed for good and I can't tell you how much that bummed me out. LOVE this place. A true classic. More Head Cheese for me please.


Stopped by Stanley's on 7/13/12 and my heart sank to see the empty parking lot. Peeked in the windows to confirm my fear that the establishment was not just closed, but CLOSED DOWN. I was despondent. Found this NT piece and was overjoyed to discover that Stanley's lives on. Hope they put a sign in the window of the original store to redirect Stanley Fans to the new location and include the same info on their website. Na zdrowie Stanley's!

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