Happy Hour Report Card: San Tan Brewing Company

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The Interior: On an early Friday afternoon, San Tan Brewing Company already is packed with post-workday meetups, a whole lot of regulars, and what looks like a four-table family reunion. Inside, San Tan has the classic look of a brewery: There's an industrial feel, with red brick walls and high ceilings. The whole space is bathed in sunlight from two rows of large windows, while flat-screen TVs are tuned to sports and Guy Fieri. Outside, a wraparound patio space (where smoking is allowed) is cooled by misters.

Cost: Two pints and two apps came to $19.50 before tip and tax.

San Tan Brewing Company is located in the heart of Historic Downtown Chandler.

Conclusion: Some restaurants (we're looking at you, Scottsdale) gladly will give you their happy-hour menu after a little pleading and victory in a different kind of hunger games (and may the condescending looks be ever in your favor), but at San Tan, the happy-hour prices are displayed in a box on the regular menu. The power of that can't be overstated: no gimmicks, no treasure hunts, no begging. The deals are simple -- from the list of discounted apps to the $3.75 pints, including both popular brews like Devil's Ale and seasonals like Mr. Pineapple. It's easy to see why there are so many regulars; the service is impeccable, fast, and friendly. All that said, in this market, $6 appetizers at happy hour should be of a much higher quality. There's an approachable blandness to these -- like your favorite lazy Sunday "comfort" foods -- that would be better suited to $3 to $4.

Grade: B

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San Tan Brewing Company

8 San Marcos Place, Chandler, AZ

Category: Music

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San Tan has decent beer, descent service and crappy tasting overpriced food!

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