Stephen Colbert Riffs on Richard Branson's Head-cicles

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Comedy Central/Colbert Report
Colbert gives Branson fair and balanced coverage even after Branson went after him with a fire extinguisher.
Richard Branson is the chairman of the massive international business conglomerate Virgin Group. This, er, outspoken businessman is no stranger to the headlines as he's tried everything from circumnavigating the Earth in a balloon to creating the first commercial space tourism business.

But this . . . This is pretty unusual, even for a "rebel millionaire" and Britain's fourth-richest person.

Virgin Atlantic has announced that upper-class passengers will be able to enjoy their drinks chilled with ice cubes bearing a three-dimensional likeness of Branson. Apparently, it took a team of designers a month and a half to correctly capture Branson's craggy countenance in reproducible ice molds.

We suppose none of this should come as a surprise from a man who once wrote a book called, "Screw It, Let's Do It"

And now, Stephen Colbert's take on it:

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