CLOSED: Bacchanal Greek Restaurant

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At 3015 East Thomas Road, the sounds of smashing plates, rousing "opas!," and festive music and belly dancing is no more. Bacchanal Greek Restaurant in Central Phoenix has shuttered.

At the corner of a strip mall, the good-time Greek eatery was established in 1989 and operated by the Gicoudis family for over 20 years. Known for getting into the celebrations themselves, here's a video of owner George Gicoudis and his son Taso dancing the Tsamiko at the restaurant.

So what happened? Here's what a source had to tell me.

Despite the urging of friends to move their restaurant to another location, the family decided it was time to let go completely and sold Bacchanal to new owners in 2011. Unfortunately, the new proprietors couldn't replicate the food (think vegetarian moussaka, roasted leg of lamb, and Veal Bacchanal) and the restaurant shuttered after only a few months.

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Bacchanal Greek Restaurant - CLOSED

3015 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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the Bacchanal wasn't try to replicate the food. because we had the same cooks they had for 20 years .but they change the show Macara and patos.they had to close because do the economic crisis. attentively bacchanal.


I live right near Bacchanal, and can tell you that there is a sign on the front door that the restaurant had a lien on it from  the landlord for non-payment of rent. I never knew that the ownership ahd changed hands, but the restaurant was closed for a few months late last year while they re-modeled. Once they re-opened, therere were hardly evey any cars in the aprking lot on the nights they were open. I suspect the new owner's financial woes started from there and snowballed.

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