Jobot Owner Helps to Open New Market on Roosevelt: Think Fresh Veggies, Bulk Grains, Mexican Candy, and Hula Hoops

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In the wake of the recent shuttering of the Downtown Phoenix Public Market Urban Grocery & Wine Bar comes Bodega 420, a new market and convenience store in the Roosevelt Arts District. The two aren't the same concept -- Bodega 420 balances local items with non-local ones to keep prices competitive -- but, eventually, like the Public Market, it hopes to be a place where folks can pick up a sandwich or other meals on the go.

And, as co-owner Mona Fontes tells me, "It's a work in progress."

Bodega's bulk grain area.
Opened in the beginning of May and named for its location at 420 East Roosevelt Road in a refurbished bungalow, Bodega 420 is owned John Sagasta (owner of Jobot and Nachobot across the street) and Mona and Adrian Fontes.

Balancing a small selection of local produce, bulk grains, Hickman's eggs, and dairy products from Gilbert's Udder Delights with non-local goods including Spam, Top Ramen noodles, Mexican candy, cleaning products, and playing cards, Fontes tells me new items arrive regularly and points to a large blackboard behind the counter where customers can add their requests.

"We're not strictly a local-product only store," Fontes says. "The tobacco counter helps to keep prices low -- and in many cases, we're lower than Safeway."

Fontes adds that due to the Bodega's location on the culturally minded Roosevelt Road, she's planning to carry a few art and music supplies as well.

Bodega 420

420 East Roosevelt
Hours: Monday through Sunday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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Layal Rabat
Layal Rabat

They're not trying to be the grocery store, they are a neighborhood convenience store, a small mom and pop where people can pop in and get items they need. Haven't any of you ever been to a real city? There are little shops like this all over the place. The negativity is appalling. Instead of giving constructive criticism, you post under pseudonyms and troll your own community. Pretty sad.  

Kenny Powers
Kenny Powers

I don't see it working out. I wish you guys luck, but no part of the aforementioned items sound appealing to me. Selling art items at a random little store? You can't be everything to everyone, consider being really good at a few things, and let that be enough.

Sir or Madam
Sir or Madam

Like Nachobot ... with the sign for Jobot crossed out.  Must be fun to be this high all the time.


This is one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard of. 

I get what they're trying to do, but we need an actual market downtown, not another rented out historic house naively designed to basically serve the bohemian anarcho-punks on 5th st. The "bulk grain" area looks really unsanitary, come on now. This is exactly why most people don't think downtown Phoenix has a chance to actually become a real, functioning city. I also find the concept of customers having to write their suggestions on a chalkboard sort of ridiculous. As a customer, I want to know that you either have it, or don't. This way I know to stop somewhere else ahead of time. Here's an idea: Have a concrete plan. You shouldn't still be a "work in progress" after you've already opened your doors.

Someone, anyone, please open a practical market downtown. I would take a Sprouts over this any day, chain or not. Ugh.


I'm never good at predictions, but I don't predict this will turn out too well. They simply can't carry enough products to keep people from having to go to the grocery store as well, and I doubt most people are willing to make two separate trips. I hope I'm wrong, but I just don't think the area has enough population with time/money to support a place this specialized and limited in supply.


apparently, sir or ma'am, you're just not cool enough to get it.


gregg r
gregg r

hey they have ponocha there.  i will be there soon

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