Chow Bella Wins First Prize for Opinion Blog from Arizona Press Club

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Chow Bella won first place in the opinion blog category at the Arizona Press Club's annual awards event, held Saturday night at the Duce in Phoenix.

The winning entry included New Times' food critic Laura Hahnefeld's First Taste review of Crescent Ballroom's restaurant; Chow Bella intern Lauren Saria's McRib battle; Chow Bella contributor Zach Fowle's review of Lagunitas Sucks Holiday Ale; a piece about Whole Foods' "value tour" by Chow Bella contributor Shannon Armour; and a rant about criticism by New Times Managing Editor Amy Silverman.

"Shows real ability on the writing-and-editing front. It's funny, it's got voice, it's unpredictable -- it's not just a dirge-like recitation of here's-what-I-think," the judge wrote.

Chow Bella -- New Times' food blog -- also placed third in the feature blog category.

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Kristin Heggli
Kristin Heggli

Congratulations! I always enjoy the personable style of the writing.


Congrats to all who contributed !! I hardly ever comment in your blog, but I always read it. :} peace

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