Taking It Slow: Some Great Drinks Take Time

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JK Grence
A friend recently handed me the February 2012 issue of Esquire magazine. Sticking out the side was a Post-It with three huge question marks and an arrow pointing inside. The arrow pointed to the cover story, "Agree: Bill Clinton and 78 Other Things We Can All Agree On". Specifically, it pointed to "52: No good cocktail should take more than 45 seconds to make." I immediately protested to my friend, "But what about the Ramos Fizz? You have to shake the damn thing for a solid two minutes, and it's worth every moment!" My friend peeled back the strategically placed Post-It to reveal "53: Except [the Ramos Fizz]." My friends know me too well.

This got me thinking, are there any other exceptions to the rule?

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Concerned Drinker
Concerned Drinker

I mean, obviously you're great because you knew about the Ramos Fizz *before* your friend even showed you the next line, but...how hard would it have been to actually include a link to what you consider a good recipe?  Anybody can google it, but since you're the expert, why not provide that yourself?

Besides, your daquiri recipe...finger squeezing the limes makes the difference?  Are you vigorously rubbing your fingers down the sides of the lime to somehow get all of these oils out?  I'm pretty sure juicing them in a manual juicer, or pressing them, puts way more pressure on the skins than your fingers.  But, whatever..


I'm glad you asked! Look for a full article about the Ramos soon. I got a taste for one while writing this week's article.

As for finger squeezing versus machine squeezing, a finger squeeze lets the oils spray out, and some of it lands in the shaker. Reamer type squeezers don't express the zest at all, and lever-press ones leave the oil stuck to the squishing side of the squeezer. Try it yourself some time!

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