Super-Tiny Food Sculptures are Super-Flippin' Adorable

Shay Aaron
Shay Aaron
Although we're pretty sure the hazards of being shrunk to miniature size outweigh the benefits (finding clothes, taking to long to answer text messages, that darn cat that keeps peering in our dollhouse window), we'd love to eat meals that look like the ones from Israeli artist Shay Aaron.

Creating teensy-weensy, handmade clay sculptures of tasty dishes on a 1:12 scale, they look incredibly detailed and delicious, not to mention painstakingly difficult to make.

Oh, and in case you haven't finished squealing with oh-how-cute delight yet, Aaron makes his tiny food art into wearable jewelry as well.

Shay Aaron
Find wearable itsy-bitsy eats like a buttermilk pancake charm, hummus necklace, and praline and pistachio macaron earrings on Aaron's Etsy page.

And to see more miniature works of food art like a deli meat and cheese platter, exotic fruits tray, and a slice of rainbow cake, go to Aaron's Flickr page.

(Via: Flavorwire)

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Those duo macarons look gorgeous! I just realized they are not real macarons (the ones you can eat!) but wearable macaron earings - COOL! If any of you readers want to also learn how to make edible (YUMMY) macarons I recommend you visit - :)


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