Chef Dan Moody Defends Pink Slime

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Editor's note: To clarify the relationship mentioned below, Moody held a pop-up dinner at Posh; he was not employed by Posh.

We have probably moved past the point in which reasoned debate will enter the furor over pink slime, but some people are going to try.

Chef Dan Moody, who has cooked at Posh and visits the Valley frequently, wrote a post on his blog defending the merits of pink slime in the broader context of feeding oneself.

His basic argument can be boiled down to:

"Just because you think something is gross doesn't mean it should be banned."

Moody's major complaint is that beef prices are already on the rise around the country and that removing tons of pink slime from circulation will drive those costs up even further. The end result will be an increase in beef prices across the board and and an increase in the difficulty the less fortunate will have in procuring protein for the dinner table: "I have no doubt that pink slime is being fought with the best of intentions, but it's an elitist fight. It's a fight that assumes everyone wants to, or can afford to, eat as you want to eat."

Moody is not alone.

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