Monsterland Bar & Grill: Drag Me to Hell

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Inside Monsterland.
Amid Monsterland's castle-walled interior, there are a few cool sights -- mostly movie props and replicas of skeletons, werewolves, and classic fright-fest icons. But given their inclusion in a large room that wants to be both a night club and a restaurant, hounds of hell sit near a cheery indoor/outdoor patio area and children with painted monster faces sit (waaaaay) too close to stripper poles. Add those goodies and the don't-care fare to a bare-bones "VIP" room with a street view of downtown Mesa, and you've got yourself one hell of a freak fest of the straight-to-DVD variety.

Monsterland's "VIP" area.
Sadly, Monsterland Bar & Grill seems like an afterthought. Clearly, its owners are putting more effort into this fall's opening of its basement haunted house and less into its restaurant and nightclub angles. And that doesn't make Monsterland Bar & Grill exciting at all. It makes it boring.

Utilizing a seasonally noted property year round seemingly makes good business sense. Here's hoping Monsterland can scare up some good eats in a hurry.

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Monsterland - CLOSED

18 W. Main St., Mesa, AZ

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A lot has changed since this review, give it another shot.


I'm disappointed.  I really want this place to succeed. 

It seems that bread is often a dilemma for places in the valley.  Too often the stale-ish fall about bread is all that's offered.  There must be good bakeries in town doing it right.


Too bad....looking forward to the Micro Brew spot the are going to open up.  At least more booze is coming to Main street.  Place is almost a fun place to be again.  Gothom City Comics n coffee is a great spot to go too.


Thats the usual problem with places like this. I, as the reviewer, really wanted to go here since I thought the concept would be interesting and unusual but I assumed bad food.  Bad food + realtively expensive food = bad idea.  I will wait and hope they fine tune. Its really hard to fup a buger but many places do so.  No temp on a burger=overcooked and bland.


II have heard the food is good. I will be checking it out myself soon.

Joel LaTondress
Joel LaTondress

"Sadly, Monsterland Bar & Grill seems like an afterthought."  

Because it IS an afterthought.  No big surprises, here.

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