Five Examples of Why You Should Not Pimp Your KitchenAid

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What's wrong with this KitchenAid? NOTHING! That's the point.

The time has come to showcase some of the unnecessary hideousness Pinterest has to offer. Let's be real... There is a lot of stuff on there that just shouldn't exist. Beginning with KitchenAid mixer decals.

I didn't realize what a phenomenon this was until I started paying attention. I just can't understand it. KitchenAids are classy and timeless and should remain as such. Why would you want to deface yours?

Let's take a look at some of the worst KitchenAid "pimps."

5. Flower Power

Unless you're 12-years-old, this is unacceptable.

And if you're 12 and own a stand mixer, that, too, is unacceptable. Either way it's out of the question. The caption for this read, "I need to bling out my KitchenAid." Flowers are not bling. I will show you bling in just a bit.

4. A is for _______.

Someone is making money selling these "personalized stickers" in their Etsy shop. This one is a little more adult from the above, but not by much.

It's not necessary to put your initial on your stand mixer. If it's in your kitchen, we know it's yours.


And unfortunately those aren't all the hideous creations we found on Pinterest. Page through to see more.

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