Jiro Dreams of Sushi: Much More Than a Film about Dead Fish on Rice

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Even if you think you don't like sushi, you should go see this movie. With luck, it might encourage you to give sushi a shot. At worst, you'll at least walk away with some idea why sushi is so popular.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi, a stunningly filmed documentary by director David Gelb, is much more than a simple film about dead fish on rice. It's a human drama about a man who is so thoroughly devoted to his craft that he has elevated it to an art form. It's a family drama about fathers and sons. And by turns, it's a story with a strong environmental message that urges audiences to consider what they are eating and why.

I don't want to belabor the point but this movie is gorgeous, puking rainbows gorgeous. There are scenes where the fish stops looking like sushi and more like edible jewels served on beds of clouds. I would highly recommend eating sushi before coming to this film because everything afterwards will probably be somewhat of a letdown.

(For the Phoenix crowd, here's our list of favorite sushi restaurants in town.)

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Perhaps the closest to a platonic ideal you will ever see.

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Jiro Ono
What's the big deal with this Jiro guy?
Bruce Lee is often held up as an example of a man who has fully devoted his life to refining and perfecting his talents to an almost mystical level. By doing so, he came to define a genre for decades to come.

That's what Jiro has done with sushi. Instead of learning progressively more powerful techniques for kicking Chuck Norris unconscious, he's spent more than half a century learning -- practicing, refining and practicing some more -- the art of transforming the simplest of ingredients into food. But his obsession goes so much deeper than just preparing food. As the movie progresses you will see that his dedication and attention to detail seep into every aspect of his restaurant.

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