Amazon Wants You to Vote on the Most Delicious Magazine Cover of 2011

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New York Magazine

Talk about food porn. If you head over to Amazon's contest page (login required) you can check out all 27 of the entries in the "Most Delicious Magazine Cover" contest. Eater noted that Saveur accounts for more than a quarter of the total of the candidates.

While there are some fine entries here we thought it was a little strange that there wasn't a greater diversity of magazines represented. The contest rules seem to indicate that any magazine published in America is eligible. You would think that Bon Appetit, Gourmet, or others would have made a showing too.

Either way, it's not too late to vote or write your favorite food magazine to throw their hat in the ring. The first round of voting has already started and will wrap up April 21st. The final round closes April 30th and we can only hope that the winner will be decided by a traditional no holds barred cage match.

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Um.... Gourmet isn't being published anymore. 

Ando Muneno
Ando Muneno

They still put out print special editions though and the rules don't seem to specify that the cover has to come from a publication with a specific periodicity. 

Mind you, I'm not up and arms about it, it just seemed odd.

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