Where to Eat and Drink Near Phoenix Municipal Stadium

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Laura Hahnefeld
Best pasty this side of the Atlantic.
Oakland A's: Phoenix Municipal Stadium

This little stadium is in a super location if you want to hike (Papago Buttes), take in the area's flora and fauna (Desert Botanical Garden) or feed a giraffe (Phoenix Zoo). But it's a no man's land when it comes to food. There aren't even any crummy chains in the vicinity. No worries, though. You are in the middle of town and we've got good food and drink for you in all directions.

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Macarons for breakfast? Why not -- you just ditched work to go to a ballgame.

Essence Bakery Cafe

Reserve a little extra time in your schedule if you plan to breakfast at Essence, because the service isn't particularly quick (or always accurate), but it's so worth it. The French-inspired menu includes crepes, quiche Lorraine, and brioche French toast, as well as healthier options like house-made granola and an organic breakfast cereal. Whichever way you go, be sure to save room (or space in your backpack) for Chef Eugenia Theodosopolous' signature macaróns and croissants. Ooh la la!


Cornish Pasty Co.

The pasty's origins is in Britain's coal mines, where workers would lunch on pastries stuffed with all manner of meats and vegetables. This popular lunch/dinner spot has canaries singing with several unique twists on the pasty - everything from peanut butter & jelly to tandoori. We've never been disappointed, and we bet you won't be, either. A word to the wise: The pasties are big enough to share.

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Phoenix Municipal Stadium

5999 E. Van Buren St., Phoenix, AZ

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Yep. The writer doesn't know the area. Phoenix Pizza House is right down the street. Stockyards, anywhere on Mill is closer than their recs. And what Red Devil are they talking about Tempe on Southern or Phoenix on 32nd St. Both of those are far from PMS.

Concerned Baseball Fan
Concerned Baseball Fan

While these are nice places to eat and all, and they're within a few miles, you basically just gave up on actually finding anything near the ballpark and decided, "Hell, let's just pick anywhere in Tempe and call it close."  

I mean, you make it sound like there's absolutely nothing there -- right at Priest & Washington, there's a small strip mall within easy walking distance with 5-6 places to eat (I particularly like Sami's Gyros).  And, just about a mile down Washington, there's another couple of restaurants, including Hap's Pit Barbecue. 


There is nothing there, those are dumpy corporate chains you mention, might as well recommend Circle K.  I like their choices.  Might add in Phoenix brewery on Washington.

Concerned Baseball Fan
Concerned Baseball Fan

You're right, pimping out the same old places New Times hypes the shit out of over and over again as being "near" the stadium is WAY better than actually, you know, finding places *near* the stadium.  Hell, add an extra mile and it's pretty much the same distance from Phoenix Municipal Stadium to downtown Scottsdale as it is to Four Peaks.  Just about the same distance to Arcadia as well.  It's just lazy reporting..

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