Thin Mint Cupcakes at Liberty Market

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Photo by Dayvid LeMmon
Thin Mint Cupcake: like the cookie, but better
It's true that most spectacular, mouthwatering desserts are found at specialty shops and fine dining restaurants, but every now and then, a fast casual spot really wows us with their menu. And if that includes dessert, we definitely want to know about it, because these spots tend to be cheaper and more convenient than desserts at restaurants with table service.

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That's why we felt compelled to check out Liberty Market, part of restaurateur Joe Johnston's triumvirate of Gilbert establishments that serve delicious, (often) locally sourced food. As we walked up to the counter, a big display of pastries greeted us, including chocolate-covered banana bread and huge zebra brownies. It already looked like this visit would be leaps and bounds better than when we had "cheesecake" and a sundae at Joe's Farm Grill.

One of the great things about dessert at Liberty Market is the ability to quickly stop by and be out the door with food in hand within a few minutes. And while you're waiting, you may as well grab a cup of coffee or shot of espresso at the E-61 Bar, which recently made the switch to Stumptown Coffee Roasters (as a Portland girl, this scores points with me). The Vanilla Latte is really flavorful, rounded out by a rich kick of espresso.

As for the pastry case, the Thin Mint Cupcakes were a real standout, looking beautifully frosted with half of a Girl Scout cookie on top. And they tasted as good as they looked. The cake's texture was light and incredibly soft, and the flavor was very minty with a touch of chocolate. The whipped icing basically mirrors the chocolate coating on the outside of real Thin Mint cookies.

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Liberty Market

230 N. Gilbert Road, Gilbert, AZ

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Seriously!  You didn't bring me one?  It looks delicious!

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