Seven Totally Adorable Easter Sweets You Can Make at Home

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Easter Chick Cupcakes.jpg
Easter is right around the corner, and we're stoked because it gives us the perfect excuse to make all of the adorable sweet treats we've been eyeing on Pinterest and Foodgawker lately.

Instead of keeping all the adorableness to ourselves, we've put together a list of our most favorite Easter sweets. A few of them might take a little practice, but most of them can be mastered by all of you kitchen novices out there.

7. Fondant Figure Easter Cupcakes
-- Pikko at Learn 2 Cook created these too cute little Easter animal figures and then placed each one on their own little cupcake bed of grass. They look time consuming, but the end result is so freakin' cute we may have to take a stab at our own batch.

6. Baby Chick Marshmallows -- All you need to make these adorable Easter chicks is a bag of marshmallows, an edible marker, a handful of jelly beans, a few toothpicks, and a little imagination. Cute!

Croasian Easter Dolls.jpg

5. Croatian Easter Dolls -- In Eastern Europe, it is an Easter tradition to make a large loaf of braided bread dotted with deep red eggs and the leftover bread dough bits are fashioned into these fancy bread dolls for the kiddos. Heather, aka SprinkleBakes, used an edible marker to draw little faces on the dolls after they were done baking, but you can leave them blank if you like.

Easter nests.jpg

4. Easter Bird Nests
-- Another great projects for tiny hands, these cute "birds" nests can be thrown together in minutes without even turning on your stove and would make the perfect addition to your Easter table.

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