Stuffed! Saturday at Devoured Phoenix Culinary Classic 2012

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We noticed some of the food festival "gear" that some guests had with them. One had an around-the-neck-type of wine glass holder and another had a bamboo plate with a wine glass holder notch built into it. We overheard someone ask about the plate, and the plate's owner shouted "Amazon!" Some of these food festival folks mean serious business. They don't want to miss a thing -- understandably so.

We swung by Windsor for an outstanding peanut butter sundae. We loved the bright red lipstick on Windsor/Churn server Sherry Newnom.

Jennifer Woods
Shelly Newnom of Windsor/Churn handing out peanut butter sundaes.

The Great Hall elicited oohs and ahhs from the guests wandering inside. Actually, we overheard "oh my god" and "holy shit" as we walked in. It really is a grand space. It was chosen to present the dessert booths as well as additional wineries and a silent wine auction. This is where JJ's Brownies, Urban Cookies, Wei of Chocolate and AJ's Dessert Lounge was set up. Urban Cookies' cookies were nicely packaged in paper sleeves so as to take home for an after dinner treat later on.

Jennifer Woods
Dessert and Wine Lounge in The Great Hall

The Great Hall was also a place to find a comfortable seat indoors and regroup (use the restroom and such) and plan out last bites.

We didn't want to miss Lon's oozy salted chocolate caramel bites on a stick and indulged in one last bite before heading out. It was the perfect last treat.

Jennifer Woods
Salted Caramel Chocolate Bites from Lon's

Jennifer Woods
Clockwise, from top left: St. Francis' Aaron Chamberlin, True Foods' Michael Stebner, loved the parasol from this patron and the mustachioed mixologist Travis Nass

Today should be another gorgeous day. You will also get a chance to visit your favorite spots again, as well as a few differed participants, too. You'll find a stellar demo lineup with chefs Bernie Kantak, James Porter, Michael O'Dowd, and Justin Beckett at the stage. Also, mixologist Richie Moe from Citizen Public House will be sharing his secrets in the Great Hall.

Tickets can be purchased at the door for $79. For the full list of participants and details visit

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