Stuffed! Saturday at Devoured Phoenix Culinary Classic 2012

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Jennifer Woods
The courtyard at Devoured 2012

This is what spring in Arizona is all about, people. Fresh air, sun, smiling happy guests and some rockin' Arizona food at the Devoured Phx Culinary Classic. Here's how it went down on Saturday with our favorite booths and people.

Parking in the lot at the Phoenix Art Museum was already full at the opening time of 11 a.m. No matter. It was very easy to park across the street at the Viad parking garage up on the 3rd and 4th floor. There was a police officer there helping manage traffic so that Devoured patrons could walk directly across the street into the Phoenix Art Museum even though there wasn't a crosswalk -- awesome.

There was a bit of a line to enter the museum/show at the entrance, but you have this lovely piece to gaze at while imagining how good the food and drinks will be once inside.

Jennifer Woods
The front of the museum, this was taken on our way out. It was quite full when we arrived right at 11 a.m.

Jennifer Woods
Kimber Lanning directing guests around the festival.

We immediately found Kimber Lanning of Local First Arizona directing traffic to the booths outside, the dessert lounge and the beer and wine happenings inside the Great Hall, and the additional restaurants featured inside Palette Restaurant. She also mentioned that this year they have 50 percent more wineries attending.

We made our way counterclockwise outside first and said hello to Aaron Chamberlin and crew at St. Francis. It was a delightful pile of secret garden dainties that tasted and looked like spring. They called it the Arizona Vegetable Garden and mentioned the farms who they sourced from including 2 Wash Ranch, Maya's, Duncan Farms, and McClendon. The blood orange slice, amazing glacier lettuce leaf, and other delicacies were a perfect start to the festival as well as their not-too-sweet virgin local citrus verbena punch.

Jennifer Woods
St. Francis's Arizona Vegetable Garden and Verbena Punch

The Parlor had lamb meatballs with Sicilian lentils and mint pesto. It was a little tricky to scoop a bite from the meatball, but the work was worth it.

Jennifer Woods
The Parlor's Lamb Meatballs and Sicilian Lentils with Mint Pesto

Sushi Roku served up a steamed chicken salad with yuzu citrus sauce and New York steak with Japanese sauce. We didn't find any chicken in our salad but didn't mind at all. The fresh ginger and crunchy wonton strips added nice flavor and crunch.

Jennifer Woods
Sushi Roku's stylish Japanese booth with Chef shouting out the dishes' names like an auctioneer.

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