The Daily Meal Dishes On the 60 (Plus) Coolest People in Food and Drink

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The Daily Meal
With Phoenix New Times' Big Brain Awards just around the corner (finalists will be revealed soon with winners announced in April), it seems fitting that The Daily Meal, the website of all things food and drink, has recently released their first annual list of who's the coolest in the industry for 2012.

From celebrity chefs to lesser-known vitners, multi-member groups, food writers, and performers, The Daily Meal's "Coolest People in Food & Drink" honors over sixty innovators setting today's trends -- folks like Mario Batali, barbecue pitmaster Aaron Franklin, butcher Pat La Frieda, and soft drink bottler Jeff Kloster in addition to a filmmaker, farmer, brewer, and a "coffee lunatic."

Go here for a slideshow of The Daily Meal's coolest people in food and here for their coolest people in the drink category. Plus, there's a video of cool people naming other cool people here.

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