Pledge to KJZZ Today and You Might Win Meals at FnB, Noca, Barrio Queen and More

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Jackie Mercandetti
Nobou's delicious sashimi spoons could be yours, all year long.

NPR pledge season is upon us again, but KJZZ is breaking from their usual offers of vacations and iPads in favor of flavor. Anyone who pledges today has a shot at winning their "Foodie's Dream" package. They've managed to line up 52 top shelf restaurants for this promotion. The full list is here, and some of the highlights include:

  • Barrio Queen

  • Citizen Public House

  • Nobuo at Teeter House

  • Noca

  • FnB

Sure, sure, pledge on another day and you could win a next generation iPad, but that won't keep you fed for the rest of the year. Unless it comes preloaded with that bacon ebook we mentioned recently.

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