Pink Slime Oozes its Way Into School Lunches

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Now that fast food companies have ditched the bright pink ammonia-treated meat goop AKA "Pink Slime," there seems to be an unused abundance of the stuff.

So where's all that disgusting pink goo going to go? To feed hungry dogs in shelters? In the trash? Or maybe meat companies will just stop making it?

Nope. It's going into your kid's school lunch, according to a report from

The U.S.D.A. plans on purchasing more than seven million pounds of the controversial "meat" product over the next few months for the National School Lunch Program. Which means fast food giants (McDonalds, Taco Bell, Burger King) decided the stuff was too gross to keep selling on their dollar menus, but the U.S.D.A. apparently thinks it's cool to serve to our kids.

Wow. Good job, government. Way to make our kids' lunches more healthy. I wonder what Michelle Obama thinks? 

Want to read the full Daily story? Click here.

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Ya, and to the un-knowers, the article about the McDonald's chicken was lifted from like the 80's, it was 90% untrue.  This article is probably the same, just propaganda from the vegetarians to freak everyone out so that people won't murder cows.  What, do you think the pink slime is bad for you?  It's JUST TRIMMINGS, I pick the shit off and eat it as I cook meat, there's nothing wrong with blood, what the FUCK do you think is in the meat?  Jesus people are gullible.  Also, the ammonia gas treatment, is bullshit, they kill germs and stuff with GAMMA RAYS, not ammonia gas, this whole thing is just garbage.


Please, educate yourself before you post.


lol, OK dude now that is jsut too funny. What were they thinking lol.
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Rudy Patootie
Rudy Patootie

That's not pink slime in the picture, which is beef-based. That's the uber-processed chicken that goes into McDonald's nuggets. Just an FYI.

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