Mojito Season Is Open!

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It's that time of year when my thoughts turn away from warm, comforting Irish Coffees and Hot Buttered Rums. Balmy days like these call for a light, refreshing tipple. Few drinks can match the refreshing power of a personal favorite, the Mojito. Problem is, it's next to impossible to find a well-crafted one in a restaurant or bar. I think all the fruit-flavored variations exist to cover up hideous base products. Good news: It's a snap to make terrific ones at home. I present to you the five sacred ingredients to make a perfect Mojito.

Lime Juice
The juice of one decent sized lime. Only fresh-squeezed lime juice will do. Bottled lime juice is far inferior, and Rose's Lime... Ugh, just... no. Select limes that are heavy for their size; those are the juicy ones. They're usually astonishingly cheap at Asian and Hispanic grocers. While there, also pick up...

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