Last Call Goes On Spring Break: Adios Motherfucker!

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JK Grence
The infamous AMF. Drink a few, you'll know how it was named.
It's that time again, time for the students at ASU to be on spring break, heading off to Puerto Peñasco or Lake Havasu or goodness knows where. And with spring break comes a time-honored tradition for college students everywhere: binge drinking. One of the most popular mixed drinks for copious consumption is the Adios Motherfucker, or AMF for short.

Thanks to its sweet taste and neon blue color, it has quickly gained a reputation for being a very strong party drink. It's a simple variation on the modern classic Long Island Iced Tea, a potent tipple in its own right. If there's ever been a successful monkey-at-a-typewriter drink, it's the Long Island Iced Tea. Mixing different base spirits is frequently a recipe for disaster. The Long Island thumbs its nose at this and reaches for every white spirit in the well: vodka, gin, rum, and tequila, then throws in the triple sec to boot.

When made right, it's a thing of beauty. It looks like iced tea, even tastes something like iced tea, and it sure does pack a wallop. The problem is that whole "when made right" bit.

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