Making Homemade Nutella, with a Little Help from Pinterest

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Homemade Nutella is making the Pinterest rounds lately. That is, it's super popular right now. I like Nutella, but I never buy it. But I've been eying the various recipes for so long that it was time I tried it. Plus, I've had a bag of hazelnuts sitting in the fridge for several weeks now. I think I bought it to make homemade Nutella, but I can't remember.

It turns out that Pinterest inspired Nutella tastes just like a Duvalin! If you don't know what a Duvalin is, that's ok, but you've missed out. A Duvalin is a small container of hazelnut flavored Mexican candy that's very similar to Nutella's consistency, but tastes a little different. This recipe duplicates the taste almost exactly.

My first taste of this spread took me back to my childhood self, when I could eat all the candy I wanted. Kind of like the Bourbon Chocolate Milkshake but better. I immediately called my husband to taste it. "See if it reminds you of anything." "Duvalin!" Orale.

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