Caramelpalooza 2012: The Winners!

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runner up collage.jpg
Tedd Roundy

Best in Show -- Slade Grove (second), Tammie Coe (third)
Best Traditional Caramel -- Churn (second), Virginia Senior of Urban Beans (third)
Best Non-Traditional Use of Caramel -- Paletas Betty (second), Slade Grove (third)
People's Choice -- David Duarte (second), Brendan McCaskey (third)

Which was your favorite?

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Location Info

Paletas Betty

96 W. Boston St., Chandler, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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count me among the 'not so much' camp. greatly preferred the way the lines worked the other two years.

besides that though, it was awesome having more exhibitors, and OH DAMN that dulce de leche bar from the hyatt was one of the best sweets i can EVER remember having. i want more of them, now. just fantastic.

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