Battle of the Fish n' Chips: England vs. Ireland

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Rúla Búla's Contender
Phoenix might be pretty far from "the pond" (the Atlantic Ocean), but we can still get down on some UK-style fish n' chips. Being landlocked, we probably appreciate good seafood even more because it can be tough to find. We'll never leave you high and dry craving fried fish, so we're pitting two of the top local pubs against one another to see whose fish n' chips are king of the Valley. For Ireland, Tempe's Rúla Búla is going head-to-head against England's George & Dragon Pub.

In This Corner: Rúla Búla, representative of Ireland
This old-fashioned Irish pub is literally bringing a piece of the Green Isle to our fair city. Owner Steven Goumas imported vintage Irish relics to fill the Victorian-era building located on Mill Ave., providing an authentically Irish spot to drink a pint of Guinness and listen to live Irish music. There's also a great patio out back that's perfect for this time of year.

The Good: The fish didn't have much batter coating it, which allowed the cod flavor to really come through. The strips of fish were fairly thin, making them manageable to dip and eat. The circle-shaped chips were pillowy soft on the inside. The house-made tartar sauce was flavorful and complimented the fish well.

The Bad: While there's an upside to not having a thick batter coating, after a few bites of enjoying the fish flavor, something felt like it was missing. There was little crunch for texture, and the outside was brown rather than golden. The fish was also fairly greasy. The chips were only so-so, and the novelty of the circular shape wore off quickly, especially because the potato flavor was weak.

Location Info

Rula Bula

401 S. Mill Ave., Tempe, AZ

Category: Music

George & Dragon Pub

4240 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

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