Fix Your Grapefruit Woes with this Pinterest-Inspired Grapefruit Recipe Roundup

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It's grapefruit season in Arizona! Only I've never liked grapefruit. I've tried to like them. I want to like them.


I recently decided to give this local citrus another chance when I happened across this photo on Pinterest. I'm a smoothie junkie and have been stuck in a serious smoothie rut for months. This recipe combines fresh grapefruit juice with frozen strawberries, bananas, and ice, and it was absolutely perfect! My whole family loved it. It's just a bit tangy and super refreshing. It's especially great in the morning, served as breakfast.

This turn of events led me to wonder: how much grapefruit goodness have I been missing out on? Was this just a fluke? Do I actually like it now?

Read on to find out...

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