Who Knew? A McDonald's Meal Cooked Inside a Rice Cooker Is "Amazing"

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Think your rice cooker is only good for making rice and steaming vegetables?

You're McWrong.

Looks like the "researchers" at Japanese news blog RocketNews24 have come up with something far more interesting -- specifically, a McDonald's meal (Big Mac, fries, and Chicken McNuggets) cooked on a bed of rice inside a rice cooker. And the results were so successful that they've decided to name the creation the "McDonald's Miracle Steamed Rice," or "McMiracle Rice."

Read on for more details (note: ketchup is super-important and water should be topped off with Coca Cola ZERO) and to watch the step-by-step instruction video.

In the step-by-step instructions, RocketNews24 recommends such helpful hints as keeping the rice to one to two cups so as not to weaken the flavor, removing the bottom bun from the Big Mac to prevent it from getting soggy, using key ingredients like lots of ketchup and Coca Cola ZERO (regular Coke will make it too sweet), and the option of using barbecue sauce for a "spicy Southwest flavor."

When done correctly, "a Big Mac, french fries and chicken nuggets taste amazing when cooked in a rice cooker."

Check out the pictorial DIY instructions here, or just watch the video below.

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Whoo HOOO! maybe blue box Mac N Cheese is also Amazing in the rice cooker...who knew?

Erica O.
Erica O.

That poor rice steamer. 

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