Where to Eat and Drink Near Goodyear Ballpark


Cleveland Indians and the Cincinnati Reds: Goodyear Ballpark

All week long we're sharing suggestions of where to find breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks near each spring training stadium. Have a favorite spot baseball fans should hit? Leave it in the comments.

Ohio is one of those Midwestern states known for its hearty, high-caloric, or carb-laden cuisine, whether it's the thick and spicy Cincinnati chili or Polish staples like pierogi and paprikash. So it's only apropos that the stadium where Ohio's two teams train in the springtime not only serves plenty of heart-stopping concession-stand fare (including fried bologna on a stick), it's also surrounded by eateries dishing out a variety of gut-busting grub.

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TJ's Homestyle Restaurant

TJ's Homestyle Restaurant
As its name and shabby homespun décor portends, TJ's is a folksy breakfast and lunch place serving up greasy spoon fare of the stick-to-your-ribs variety. Most everything on its quaint menu is made from scratch, whether it's the gooey cinnamon rolls, buttermilk pancakes, or the homemade biscuits (which practically melt in your mouth). If a regular-size order of these baked beauties isn't big enough, try the "Farmer's Special," in which a few of 'em are smothered with cheddar, three eggs, bacon, ham, and sausage gravy. Oh, and there's extra cheese on top for good measure. It's almost as ginormous as TJ's 20-ounce hamsteaks, which are large enough to cover an entire plate. Better remove your belt before sitting down.

The Juaninator at Ivy League Dogs.

Ivy League Dogs
Few things are as quintessentially baseball than hot dogs, and this homey eatery has dozens upon dozens of ways one can enjoy their wiener. Wanna go heavy on the chili and cheese or have yours piled with sport peppers? Its no problem, as owner Derek Pyle offers patrons the ability to create a do-it-yourself dogs as they can fill out the checkbox-laden menu, which features nine different franks -- ranging from bratwurst, mozzarella garlic sausage, and even vegetarian options. Each are deep fried and draped with a wealth of toppings, including options both traditional (sauerkraut, jalapeños) and tempting (bacon, fried onions). Other lunchtime treats are also available -- such as succulent Italian beef and loaded cheesesteaks -- each just as doggone delicious. If you're truly famished (or feeling daring), Try the Juaninator, a quarter-pound Nathan's dog drowned in salsa verde, tomatoes, shredded cheese, fries, and a half-dozen other items.

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Goodyear Ballpark

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