The Farm at South Mountain To Be Featured on The Bachelor

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Love can be found in some strange places. At least, as my parents told me, that's how I got my sister.

TV love, however, at least in the form of The Bachelor, ABC's reality series about a dude on a journey to find "true love," happens in more sentimental spots. And next week, the show will get its romance-on at the Valley's very own The Farm at South Mountain.

Canopy 2008.jpg
A romantic evening at The Farm at South Mountain.
The eighth episode of The Bachelor will feature The Farm as the enchanting backdrop to a special hometown date -- including a picnic (tee-hee!) -- with the "aw shucks" 29-year-old bachelor and winemaker from Sonoma, California, Ben Flajnik.

And with The Farm's comforting cool ambiance, pecan tree grove providing canopies of shaded, outdoor dining, and acres of green grass, what's not to love?

Tune in to ABC's The Bachelor next Monday, February 20, to watch Ben search for true love, but mostly to see The Farm on television. Check your local cable guide for times.

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The Farm at South Mountain

6106 S. 32nd St., Phoenix, AZ

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Expert Shot
Expert Shot

This place used to be called the "Baseline Mansion" and was headquarters central for all things in Hippiedom in Phoenix.  1,000s of deadheads would arrive almost every weekend for over 20 years and party till the sun rose.  I put on plenty of partys there for Earth Day events and concerts.  The highlight was always the large screen by the stage where slides of unique images were shown.  Even hot wax liquid light shows!!!  It almost became Gentle Strength's new home but the idea was shot down by investors who were trying to buy the business but served on the board in a clandestine manner.

Lylah Ledner
Lylah Ledner

To bad it's not at The Simple Farm in Scottsdale :-)  

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